Here at Just Vehicle Solutions, we supply many businesses up and down the UK with company cars for their existing, and new employees. Not only are company cars essential for some job roles, but they are also a great way to attract candidates and can be seen as ones of the benefits of the job.

We specialise in short term vehicle leases, with terms as short as 6 months. A 6 month lease is ideal for companies who are looking to obtain vehicles for their staff for a number of reasons.

What if the position doesn’t work out?

As an employer, what would you do if you took a longer term 2-4 year vehicle lease for your new member of staff, only for them to depart from the company within the first few months? You could be left with a vehicle not being used, but still being paid for. A short term 6+ month contract would minimise the risk to your business should the position not work out as planned.


As well as reducing the risk of being left with an unused vehicle, a 6+ month short term lease gives you the flexibility to change your vehicle when you contract comes up for renewal should you wish, which is ideal should the vehicle requirements change.

Brand New Vehicles

All of our vehicles are brand new. This means you get to take advantage of all the latest safety and driving assistance features, as well as in car entertainment and fuel efficiency. Better yet, a short term contract means less time before you can replace it with another brand new vehicle.

No Maintenance & Reduced Running Costs

Brand new vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so should the unexpected happen, you’ll have piece of mind that your vehicle is covered. You’ll potentially also avoid having to service the vehicle on a 6 month short term contract, plus new vehicles don’t require an MOT for the first 3 years of it’s life.

Consider a lease vehicle from Just Vehicle Solutions

If you are an employer and would like to enquire about our short term vehicle leases for your staff, complete our application form online. It only take 2 minutes, and we’ll process your application the same day if submitted before 4pm.

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